About: In love with Data since 2012!! I have immense interest in the field of Data Science/ Business Analytics. Have practical working experience from the projects involving -: • Statistical modelling o End to end ownership of modelling process consisting of: o identifying variables and running exploratory data analysis using SQL and PIG o building predictive models such as - Linear model, Logistic Model,Multiple Reg, Decision Tree o working with cross-teams to deploy the model real-time • Supply Chain (Inventory Forecasting- Holt Winters), • Time Series Analysis (forecasting), • Optimization – Linear Programming, Non Linear Programming, Integer Programming, Sensitivity Analysis, Gradient Descent, Newton Raphson • Simulations - Discrete event simulations, Queuing theory models, • SQL- Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL (Used analytical functions like lead, lag, rank, dense rank, cumedistance, windowing clause) • Visualization –Generate KPI’s to answer ad-hoc business questions (Tableau, SAP BO) • ETL – Extracting Transforming and loading data from variate sources (Informatica, SAP BODS)
School: University Of Cincinnati (Lindner College Of Business)
Work: C.D.O at Datazar

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